Helping Hand

IMG_3604Coach Power helping Heather into better position.

"There are many heroes in the diet wars among scientists (Ravnskov and Sears to name but two) and clinicians (Atkins and Eades), but among journalists Gary Taubes stands alone."-Greg Glassman 2001

Gary Taubes is coming to Santa Cruz for a free nutrition presentation.  The author of Good Calories/Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat and what to do about it will be at New Brighton Middle School on April 11, at 5pm.  Mark your calender and RSVP.



Overhead squat, 20-20-20 reps
Front squat, 10-10-10 reps
Back squat, 5-5-5 reps

1. Increase load dramatically proceeding from Overhead to Front to Back Squats.
2. Use perfect form, or it's not a squat. 
3. Use same load for all three sets of each exercise. 
4. Rest as needed.