Coaching is critical. 

Your coach helps you focus, corrects your mistakes, and always encourages you. Our coaches care.  They are knowledgeable, approachable, and devoted to your success.

Hollis Molloy, Owner


I believe that everyone is an athlete, regardless of current ability or past experience. I do not tolerate subpar movement in my classes and work to inspire my athletes to become the best possible movers. CrossFit is more than just a fitness program for me, it is a way of expressing our true potential as human beings. I have coached CrossFit for 10 years and I am one of only a handful of Certified CrossFit Coaches (CF-L4) worldwide. When not in the gym, I travel the world as a CrossFit Seminar Staff member teaching both the Level 1 and Level 2 Seminars. 

"There are few coaches that are able to effectively blend technical ability, passion, and the capacity to understand and address an athlete's weaknesses as well as Coach Hollis. Hollis Molloy is a coach's coach."
-Kelly Starrett, DPT

Laurie Galassi


I've been coaching for years, and as a coach, I enjoy working with entry-level athletes because they have everything in the world to discover about CrossFit. I apply the positive coaching methods I enjoyed as a young athlete to my CrossFit coaching style. Prior to CrossFit, I had a gymnastics-coaching career that spanned 15 years. I coached ages 18 months to 22 years in both recreational classes and competitive teams, with many of my athletes competing in state, regional and national competitions. 



"As a coach I believe in guiding people through their training experience.  Watching people take ownership of their training and seeing their transformation is the most gratifying part of coaching for me.  I started coaching in 2011 at NorCal CrossFit under the tutelage of many world class coaches and athletes.  During my time there I would travel internationally, scouting for and managing many other CrossFit coaches, this has also contributed to my knowledge and coaching philosophy.  I'm excited to bring my experience and knowledge to CrossFit Santa Cruz.  When I'm not in the gym, I enjoy surfing, hiking, camping, and spending time with my family."

Leah Polaski

I'm a CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3) and have attended CrossFit seminars in Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, and Mobility and Recovery. I've been coaching since 2009 and have been a part of the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff since 2012, where I travel the world instructing CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Seminars. I've competed at regionals six times and at the CrossFit Games five times. I love CrossFit—not only for what it can do for the body, but even more so for what it can do for the mind. I love seeing people achieve something they never thought possible, then taking that confidence and mentality into their everyday lives.


Danielle Edmundson


As an original student of Greg Glassman, I developed a coaching philosophy based on support and enthusiasm. I specialize in being able to seamlessly coach people with varying degrees of fitness levels and goals. I have studied nutrition and have an understanding of those struggling with food issues. I can help my clients eat right to stabilize mood swings and provide easy strategies to eating better. I am passionate about helping people become strong, vibrant, healthy and mentally tough.

“Danielle can motivate you to go harder than you thought possible. She is kind and compassionate when you need it and shows no mercy when necessary.”


Cara Hipskind


After seven years of CrossFit, I am still continuing to learn and improve in anything from Olympic lifting to endurance to gymnastics. There's something magical about Coach Glassman's vision of group training and intensity that allows this improvement to continue.


I first tried CrossFit in 2012. A friend of mine offered me a free class, and after that I was hooked. Before long I found myself working out in the mornings and again in the afternoon. I would use my lunch breaks at work to sneak off and do some fitness. During the summer of 2013, I went to my Level 1 certificate course and the following month I began coaching. Now I spend four to six hours a day minimum in a gym. When I'm not actively in the gym working out or coaching, I am planning the next day's session.

Bailey O'regan

I began working for CrossFit HQ and attended the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course in 2012. I then moved to San Luis Obispo to attend Cal Poly, where I completed my B.S. in kinesiology. I immediately joined CrossFit Inferno where I soon began their intern process and eventually became a CrossFit coach. Over time, my passion to share CrossFit with adults expanded to kids. In October 2013, I participated in the CrossFit Kids course, which trained me to safely teach CrossFit to kids.



I have been coaching for five years and am enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge I've gained about CrossFit and human movement with clients. The level of depth, idea exchange, and support in our CrossFit program ensures that the workouts, the coaching, and the community will never get dull. I am stoked I am able to witness people transform their lives a little bit every day.



I've been coaching CrossFit for two years, and coached at CRUZ aquatics for four years prior to that. Helping others learn how to move their bodies safely and powerfully is the best part of coaching to me. When you add in our sense of community and working out with great music, things just keep getting better and better. CrossFit Santa Cruz has made a tremendous positive impact on my life, and my goal is to help others enjoy it the same way. 

 Darlene House

Darlene House


Since receiving my B.S. in kinesiology at SJSU, I have worked as an adapted physical education specialist in Santa Cruz. I especially enjoy working with people who are new to CrossFit. Seeing that spark of enthusiasm reignites my own passion for this sport. One of the reasons I was drawn to and love CrossFit is how easily movements and workouts can be scaled and modified. I especially enjoy helping people overcome challenges, making fitness accessible regardless of abilities.

 Nikki PetteL

Nikki PetteL


CPT, USPA PL Coach, CrossFit Level 1. I graduated from SJSU with a bachelor's in pre-professional kinesiology. I'm planning on attending chiropractic school in 2017 to continue learning about the body. I love to laugh and lift heavy objects. I have a passion for working out, studying functional movement patterns, and learning how to improve technique with each movement. I participated in gymnastics for 11 years and played water polo for eight. For the last three years I have competed in powerlifting, but now I am excited to put my training to the test and compete in the Open. I'm focusing now on competing in CrossFit and virtuosity in training. 

 Laura Bruner

Laura Bruner

Laura is a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) and a Certified Nutrition Consultant. She started her coaching career in 2011 at NorCal CrossFit, and also spent time working on the CrossFit Seminar Staff before moving on to work behind the scenes for CrossFit's Certification Department. In addition to coaching, Laura has a nutrition practice providing one-on-one consulting, group challenges, and seminars. She hopes to bring this knowledge and experience to this community. To learn more about Laura, check out her blog at



Debbie Steingesser was introduced to gymnastics and dance before she was able to walk. Her boundless enthusiasm for movement guided her on a path of studying and performing jazz, tap, ballet, modern, hip-hop, and West African dance. When she was 16 years old, Debbie was introduced to yoga as a way of cooling down at the end of vigorous dance classes. She never looked back.

In 2011, Debbie discovered CrossFit at her best friend’s gym, CrossFit H2O in Medford, MA. Immediately after her first workout, she was hooked. CrossFit combines her love of dynamic movement found in dance with a strong foundation of form and alignment found in yoga. She was thrilled to begin training and coaching at the legendary San Francisco CrossFit.

Debbie is a certified CrossFit Level 2, Powerlifting, Strongman, and CrossFit Kids trainer. She has also completed Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Gymnastics Seminar and Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility Course multiple times. Debbie holds her Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher certification at the 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance and presently teaches extensively in Northern California and around the world. She was named one of the Top Yoga Teachers in the Bay Area by Common Ground Magazine in 2008 and has been a featured presenter at Yoga Reaches Out, Bhakti Fest, and various International retreats and trainings. She is currently an ambassador for lululemon athletica and Manduka.

Debbie’s mission is to guide individuals towards a deeper sense of strength, balance, and personal power through her Yoga and CrossFit classes. Her classes and workshops are upbeat, challenging, and open to all experience levels.