IMG_3580Chris and Roger putting weight overhead.

Through CrossFit most of you have experienced what it feels like to achieve the "unachievable". Such achievements indicate that many of your physical limitations are mere misconceptions -- they are learned impediments on the psyche, not the physique. Your PR's, increased range of motion, greater work capacity, and greater self-confidence are just a few of the things that can attest to the power of mind over body. Yet there are also those among us who have profound physical potential, but don’t push themselves nearly enough mentally; or avoid lifting heavier weight because they think they can do no more. As a result, many of these individuals never reach their fullest potential. This is unfortunate. An old mentor of mine once said, "Don't give up ten seconds before the miracle." Those that quit may never actually know how close they were to achieving their goal. And even if you do initially fail, remember it’s OK -- there is growth in failure. Failure is not an end. People who fail can recreate themselves by learning from, and improving upon, previous setbacks, people who quit cannot. No matter what endeavor you pursue in life, whether it is a new PR or something outside the box, always believe that you are capable of just a little bit more than you’re currently doing. The eventual payoff may be bigger than you think.

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-Discovery Magazine

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