CFSCWesBoxJumpWes with hip clearly opening on the way off the box.

Twice this week a question has come up about why we make people adhere to certain standards for movements. Most of the time the tough standard have to do with achieving complete range of motion. Other times standards have to do with safety and lastly standards are used for judging purposes.

It is always great when people think critically about what we are doing and ask questions.  CrossFit is a thinking person fitness.  To be an athlete we need to understand how and why we are doing things.  And we need to understand how that affects our bodies and ultimately our health and fitness.


Today is day 7 of 14 days in the Zone and our Food Journal Comes from Kyle:

8:30: 4 oz cottage cheese (2p), 8 oz yogurt (2p + 2c), apple (2c), 12 cashews (4f)

12:00: 4 oz chicken (4p), large green salad (2c), dressing (4f), 6 dried apricots (2c)

1:00: latte (2p + 2c + 2f)

3:30: greek yogurt (2p + 2c), 6 cashews (2f)

7:30: carnitas (4p), 2 slices bread and butter (4c + 4f)

9:30: 2oz chicken (2p), small scoop ice cream (2c + 2f)

18 blocks. Did okay today, though I struggle with the fat. I probably had more than 4 blocks fat on my salad at noon, because that is a lot of lettuce! I've gone back and forth between 18 and 20 blocks this week, depending on how I feel. Trying for 18 blocks, but when we have a hard met-con workout it just isn't enough, so I have an extra snack.



Rest Day