DianaJerkWide Diana and her audience

Some of us do better when someone is watching, some like the camera on them. Others like the back row and to have no attention on them. Whether you get energized when people are watching or you get nervous and shy learning to find your own focused place to complete your task is valuable.


The weekends can be a hard time to stay in the zone here is JD's food log to keep you motivated:

17 Block day. Snacks are at work so they're simple and transportable. I tend to favor meals that are fast and easy. Everything here takes ~5 minutes to make with no prep time. Rotisserie chickens are a staple of everything I eat. 1 chicken gives me at least 25-30g protein, if not more, which I can parcel out for use in any meal.

8:00 AM: 4 block breakfast. I sometimes sub the eggs + cheese for ¾ cup nonfat cottage cheese if I don't have a lot of time:1 cup 2% Milk (1p – 1c – 1f) 2 scrambled eggs with 1oz shredded cheese (3p – 0c ~ 1f) 1 slice toast with 1.5 tsp of jelly and a SMALL amount of butter on each half (0p – 3c ~ 2f).

10:30 AM: 2 block snack: 2 string cheese (skim if possible) (2p – 0c ~ 1f) 1 slice toast with a SMALL amount of butter (0p – 2c - ~1f)

1:30 PM: 5 block lunch, post-workout, easy chicken quesadilla: 2 corn tortillas (0p – 2c – 0f) 2 oz chicken (pulled from a Rotisserie chicken) (2p – 0c ~ 1f) 3 oz shredded cheese (3p – 0c ~1f) 3 tbsp guacamole (0p – 0c - 3f) 1 orange (0p – 2c – 0f) ½ cup grapes (0p – 1c – 0f)

4:00 PM: 2 block snack: 2 string cheese (skim if possible) (2p – 0c ~ 1f) 1 apple/pear/orange (medium size) (0p – 2c - 0f)

7:30 PM: 4 block dinner, chicken salad melt, sometimes I use Tuna instead: 3.5 oz chicken (pulled from a Rotisserie chicken) (3.5p – 0c ~ 1f) 3 tsp light mayonnaise (0p - 0c – 3f) 0.5 oz shredded cheese (0.5p – 0c – 0f) 1 slice bread (0p – 2c – 0f) 1 orange OR 1 cup grapes (0p – 2c - 0f)

Mix the chicken and mayo, throw on the bread, top with cheese, and toast until cheese is melted to perfection. If you want to mix it up, a little bit of spicy brown mustard on top is amazing. The oranges or 1 cup grapes make a tasty dessert.

Remember to stay happy!



Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
155lb deadlift 30 reps
30 burpee