Ready, Set, Go!

Waiting for the tabata clock.

How we approach the squat is a great example of how we approach all the movements we encounter in CrossFit. First we address proper movement mechanics. With the squat that means teaching each athlete how to maintain a straight back, open the hips, keep the feet flat and achieve full articulation of the joints. We want the full range of motion without any breakdown in spine position, hip position or knee position. We teach our athletes about their best fit positions and get them to understand their limitations and how to work for every inch. We teach our athletes to constantly strive for better movement mechanics. Next we insist that they replicate those mechanics time and time again. Consistently demonstrating the previously mentioned mechanical necessities. Once those mechanics are consistently repeated then we add intensity by going faster or heavier. We teach our athletes to be stewards of their own bodies, feeling mechanical breakdown and taking a break or slowing down to fix it. Sometimes taking off weight or scaling back rounds as breakdown occurs. We encourage our athletes to go as fast as they can without compromising position. Tabata Squats are a wonderful test and a great place to check in with your progress.



Front Squat
Back Squat