Birthday Fun

IMG_2381 Drako Mallfoy, Gandalf the white, Dumbledore, Fluffy, the snitch, professor Trelawney, Harry Potter, Dobby, and Hermione all visited for Hana's Birthday.

Family is important to us here at CrossFit Santa Cruz. I feel fortunate to get to own and operate a business with my brother and my husband. I do what I love with the people closest to me each day and it is a true gift. I believe that our relationships are the cornerstones of our community. That having a family business has helped draw in families. We have husbands and wives and children all coming together to workout. We also have a tradition of get welcomed  and welcoming each other into one anothers families. We share a common goal of being good people and that brings us close. Of course we all love CrossFit and the fantastic results we get from it but we also share a love of family and becoming members of each others extended families.

-Coach D



Rest Day