The Veterans

IMG_1032 Lucas, Cara, Leif, Scott, Kristy and Laurie G

Lucas, Cara, Leif, Scott and Kristy have participated in every food challenge we have ever run at CrossFit Santa Cruz. The five of them hold a breadth of knowledge about how to succeed with your nutrition goals. The are well versed in the ins and outs of the zone diet, the paleo lifestyle and eating for performance enhancement. They have each developed plans to make them successful in and out of the gym. We hope that throughout the next six weeks you lean on each other, exchange ideas and get better at cooking healthy food for yourselves and your families.

We start the DIY Food Adventure with some assumptions. We all agree that the squat and the deadlift are good for you and that doing pull-ups and push-ups will help to make you more fit. We assume you think CrossFit is a good strength and conditioning program and like doing it. In that same vein we assume that if you are entering the challenge, you want to get more fit, be healthier and improve yourself. We prescribe functional movements done at high intensity with variance. We also prescribe that you eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. The rest is up to you. Just remember cooking and baking are not the same thing and neither are CrossFit and aerobics.

Week one you are required to photograph at least one home cooked meal and post it to the facebook group. Go to Facebook and request to be part of the DIY Food Challenge group and start doing it for yourself with the rest of the members. Please only post food you have cooked or a loved on has cooked for you.

To start, check out how our friends Matt and Cherrie Chan at CrossFit Verve get ready for each week by stocking the fridge with ready to grab meals.

Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans: Part 1
Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans: The Chili
Nutrition Prep Day with the Chans: The Chicken Salad



Snatch on the minute for ten minutes work speed and technique
Establish an 1 rep max overhead squat for the day
Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 at 80% of today's max