Let the Fun Begin

IMG_9174_2Diana with solid position.

This weekend we will be attending the 2nd annual Santa Cruz affiliate challenge.  We will be sending 25 athletes.  2 teams in the Rx'd Division and 2 teams in the Intermediate Division and one Masters athletes. 

The Teams are:

Master: Suzanne

Intermediate: Kyle, Tommy, Angel M, Bailey, Megan C, and Nicole

Intermediate: Kai, Kevin, Scott, Anne, KK, and Kristy

Rx'd: Lucas, Dave, Jonji, Laurie, Gilly, Danielle

Rx'd: Jesse, Tyler, Dustin, Olivia, Cara, Katy

The event starts at 8am all athletes judges and volunteers need to arrive at 7:30

If you want to carpool you need to meet at the gym at 7:00 or arrange with people who live near you in the comments.

Dinner at Carpos after the event is over