Up Right

IMG_9427 Great bottom position

Achieving a squat like this can take years of diligence. To get your torso this up right takes well developed musculature of the legs and spine as well as solid neurological awareness, with time and practice anyone can develop a good squat. Once you think you know how to squat, address it again and again over time.



10 min. running clock. 1 male and 1 female teammate run 400m while 1 male and 1 female teammate perform as many man eaters as possible until teammate returns. Repeat until 10 min. is up. Only 1 male and 1 female can be running or doing man eaters at a time. Male and male switch roles and female and female switch roles. The male and female do NOT need to stay together. Reps will only count if 400m run is completed. In other words, if one teammate comes in after the 10 min. clock their teammates reps will not be counted.