DSC08682 Madeline, Rose and Bailey.

This month we are having a few dear members depart for other parts of the country and the world.  Matt and Christa are off to Iowa.  Rose is off to Vassar and Pat "Manimal" Barber is off to New Zealand.  Good Bye is never fun so let's just say  "Until the next adventure". 


To send Pat off to NZ we are going to have a Pot Luck BBQ at the gym today at 7:30pm.  Everybody stop by and say bye to a CrossFit Santa Cruz legend and eat some good food. 

Bring Your Favorite Dish to share!



For time:
80 squats
40 dumbbell swings (50lb dumbbell)
20 pull-ups
64 squats
32 dumbbell swings
16 pull-ups
50 squats
24 dumbbell swings
12 pull-ups
32 squats
16 dumbbell swings
8 pull-ups
16 squats
6 dumbbell swings
4 pull-ups