DSC03131Dave with a new grip.

We all know that to succeed at Crossfit we need to look at more than just the workouts. We are well versed in maintenance now thanks to the KStar. We have been educated and understand how important nutrition is by Robb Wolf.  Rest is possibly the forgotten piece of the puzzle. Good sleep and stress free time are often a luxury we can't afford.  Max says it the best: There is so such thing as over-training.  its just Under Recovery!!!

How do you make sure you get your rest and recovery? Post thoughts to comments
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Saturday 6pm

Workout: 4 rounds of:
Row; 22 calories
35 pound dumbbell Walking Lunge, 22 steps
Rope Ascent "Double Up"
Rest as needed
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"Training the Injured Athlete" with Kelly Starrett

There will be no Saturday 10am Class.