DSC03083Laurie learning the kettlebell swing

CrossFit from the start has been community developed program. What started as one small gym and a handful of trainers is now 1,000 affiliates world wide. Each affiliate is aCrossFit all its own. Not two are alike. We are all unique in our own way. Below are some links from three affiliates that show how diverse a community we are.

CrossFit Balboa: Becoming Batman & Becomning Batman 2
CrossFit Norcal: Paleo Vs. Type 1 Diabetes & Paleo Vs. Type 1 Diabetes 2
San Francisco CrossFit: Stretch your psoas people.  & Simplicity

Do you check out other affiliates site? Post thoughts to comments.
Tonight is Community Night. The 5pm 6pm and 7pm Classes are open to anyone interested in our program. If you or your friends have ever wanted to try some high intensity functional movements, tonight is your chance. No experience necessary. Cost is $15.
It is not too late to sign up for "Training the Injured Athlete"  with Kelly Starrett.
March 14th 9am-4pm.
Remember to RSVP for Hula's on Saturday.
Festivities start at 6pm.