DSC02842Carmen learning the back squat.

Progress is made through our consistent efforts, focus, and determination to succeed. The steps that need to be taken to reach our goals become more clear the more we refocus our efforts; our aim becomes more precise and we do not let things like laziness get in our way. Goals should be clearly defined so that we cannot cheat ourselves. There are so many things to get distracted by these days and it is easy to get swept in the mirage of life. We have a new month on our hands and spring is approaching fast! Maybe it’s time to refocus our goals that we’ve set for ourselves for this year or perhaps even find some new ones that we’d like to aspire to! Take some time and reflect on where you are now and the things you want to accomplish in the near or distant future…take aim and stay fired up!

I know I want a sub 3 minute Fran before my birthday in April and I feel like I have a pretty good idea of how I need to train to achieve this goal because of my consistent efforts towards strength gains. One major area I need to work on is my flexibility so that I am in a stronger/more upright position in my front squat so that I can get a more effective and efficient vertical explosion in my thruster!

-Jesse "Baz"

Workout: 2 Minute Defense...[wmv][mov]
5 rounds of:
135 pound power clean, 1 rep
135 pound hang squat clean, 3 reps
135 pound Jerk, 2 reps
Sprint 200 feet
Rest 2 minutes, repeat.