Hair Complex

CFSC_HairComplex Cary impressing us all by completing the "Bear Complex" with 185 pounds.

Competitions are great fun and a wonderful way to test the limits of our programming and overall readiness for anything. One of the most important factors come game day is what you have been eating. Today starts week two of the Do It Yourself Food Adventure. We are challenging each other to cook all but two of our meals per week for the duration of the adventure. We are taking photos of our creations and sharing them on facebook. Some of us are doing it because we want the accountability and others are doing it to role model and teach. This week we are going to up the ante; you are now required to post photos of two of your home cooked meals per day. Keep up the strong work and get creative.



Complete 10 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest for 8 rounds each of the following:
205 pound Power clean
315 pound Sumo-deadlift
50 pound Weighted pull-up

Rest 2 minutes between exercises.


CrossFit is going big time this Wednesday with it's first showing on national television. This years CrossFit Games will be shown on ESPN2 starting tomorrow from 5:00-7:00pm. Be sure to tune in to witness CrossFit history in the making.