MoxieTeam Competition

CFSC_MoxieTeams The representatives

Saturday was a great day of competition in San Jose. It was an opportunity for some of our veteran competitors to shine and a chance for new ones to make a space for themselves. Cary and Karla participated in their first competition as CrossFit Santa Cruz athletes and did us proud. Cary finished 4th in the mens Bear Complex with an impressive 185 pounds. Karla was a model of composure the entire day staying positive and leading the way to a 7th place finish in the womens team sand bag Fran. Laurie and Cara took first place in the relay sand bag Fran and held up their ends on the team 395 pound barbell carry. Lucas and Tyler we impressive as they moved together to finish the team carry. Jesse stood out with a 4th place finish on the mens overhead walk and did 6 or our teams 16 wall climbs. It was a grueling and long day of fun and challenging workouts full of sweat, a little blood and just a few tears. Laurie, Cara, Tyler and Lucas finished 3rd place and Cary, Karla, Danielle, and Jesse finished 10th.



Rest Day


This Saturday September 17th Laurie is offering three more virtuosity clinics:

11:30-12:45 The Kipping Pull-up: Get a pull-up, or make the one you have more efficient.
1:00-2:15 Handstands: How to get upside down in your best possible body position, and what to do once you get there.
2:30-3:45 Advanced Bodyweight Pulling: You say you want a muscle up? Lets work on establishing the false grip and understanding the transition. Once you have that then we can get fancy with it.

Each clinic is $20 and limited to 10 participants sign up here.