What's In A Set Up

IMG_4919Dave all set up.

REGIONALS! In case you’ve been living in a dark cave for the past few weeks (aka my car that I need to clean out), then you know that NorCal Regionals are this upcoming weekend. And if you couldn’t tell from my previous exclamation, I’m SO stoked for them. I’m sure the people who are ACTUALLY competing at Regionals are excited, but mine might top theirs based on the fact that I’m self-proclaimed CrossFit nerd.

Last year I was fortunate enough to go to Regionals and be a spectator. Even though I had only been CrossFitting for a month and a half, I knew that it would be a great chance to watch some crazy good athletes and to bond with my fellow crossfitters.

I also went to the Games, and as much fun as I had at them (oh hey free t-shirt handouts), I really loved Regionals more. And I will tell you why:

1. Regionals are a smaller version the Games. This is amazing because then you are like 4 inches away from amazing athletes. You are literally a part of the action!

2. You get to interact with the other crossfitters, including the competing athletes. This is a really cool aspect of CrossFit because we are still a young enough sport that you can approach athletes and casually talk to them.

3.  You get to watch your coaches and friends compete and cheer them on. It’s just so much fun to yell for them and rep our gym! And of course on a deep subconscious level I enjoy seeing my coaches have to do hard workouts…

4. It’s a chance to hang out with other people from our gym that you may never see (for me that means the nooners. How can you workout at 12 you crazy people?! That’s when I’m getting my nom on.) I felt so much closer after that weekend and was just so proud to be a part of the CrossFit Santa Cruz family.

It’s also a great opportunity to bring your partner, friends, or family to give them a taste of CrossFit. I took my parents to one of the days at the Games to show them what CrossFit truly is and they were definitely swept up in the energy and great atmosphere (also I distinctly remember my mother saying, “I have never seen so many six packs at a sporting event in my life!”).

So come one, come all and head over to the Santa Clara Fairgrounds for the best weekend ever!

- Kelsey K



5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Schedule Notice:  We will be CLOSED May 18-20 to attend the NorCal Regional competition. We will have three individual athletes and a team competing, we encourage everyone to come out and support!