I love CrossFit Santa Cruz

Gilly, Cara, Dave, and Tyler: 3rd Place Team at the East Sac Throwdown.

On Saturday eight of our athletes participated in the SacTown Throw Down. Justin put on a incredible event that was run smoothly and professionally. Thank you to CrossFit East Sacramento for affording us the opportunity to test ourselves in new ways.

The event featured a couplet of running with a heavy sled and bench press lasting 2:30 seconds, a max effort, and a 16 minute interval based chipper testing 10 different skills. The highlights of the event were Dave and Lucas performing PR snatches, Gilly whooping her heat in the sled pull and PRing her bench press and then doing it by 6. Cara's 80lb weighted pull up, Jesse and Tyler jumping higher than everyone else there, Laurie out rope climbing and wall climbing everyone there and coach D getting her first single leg squat. Our teams took first and second place in the last event showcasing our breadth of skill, proficiency of movement, and stamina.

Variance is one of the key concepts of CrossFit, getting exposed to new and different things in a pressured environment can be fun, thrilling, and incredibly good for you. I learned some things over the weekend and am proud of all of our athletes and our incredible entourage.

-Coach D



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