Oh Yeah!

IMG_6404Lifting together.

Yesterday we had two teams competing in the East Sac Throwdown.  One team was Laurie, Coach D, Jesse, and Lucas and our other team was Gilly, Cara, Dave, Tyler.  They competed in three events over the day against 30 other teams.  Reports are that the event was great and the competition was fierce.  Gilly's team ended up in 3rd place and Laurie's team finished in 6th. 

Final Results East Sac Throwdown:

1. TJ Gym
2. CrossFit 209 Sport
3. CrossFit Santa Cruz
6. CrossFit Santa Cruz

Nice Job Teams!!!



30 Medball Cleans
30 Pull Ups (1/2 bodyweight)
25 Medball Cleans
25 Pull Ups (1/2 bodyweight)
20 Medball Cleans
20 Pull Ups (1/2 bodyweight)
10 Medball Cleans
10Pull Ups (1/2 bodyweight)