Double Up

IMG_6036Sean working his double unders.

The 'double under' is a troublesome movement for some athletes.  While the concept is simple, pass the rope under your feet twice for each jump, the execution is tricky.  Two simple keys to help develop your 'double unders' are: 1. Jump tall through the ankle. Straight body position and a rigid torso make repetition easier.  2. Keep your hands and feet in front of your body.  Allowing your hands or feet to fall behind you often result in broken body position making repetition more difficult.

Today also marks our two weeks in the Zone.  Anyone have a change in performance or body composition? Anyone going for two more weeks?

Post results to comments.

Our last Food log comes form Tom, he also included some results from the two weeks:

2.5 cups of Kale stir fried with 2/3 cups of onions. I added 3oz of steak to the mix and 9 almonds.3 protein, 3 carbs, and 3 fat.

1.25 cups of kale and 1.3 cups of onions stir fried up and added 3oz. of a chicken and steak mix and 9 almonds 3 protein, 3 carbs, and 3 fat.

1.3 cups of onions stir fried up in olive oil and then added 2oz of chicken breast for a simple recovery meal after a surf. 2 protein, 2 carbs, and 2 fat.

2 tangerines, 3 oz. of ground turkey, and 6 almonds for a quick post workout meal. 2 protein, 2 carbs, and 2 fat

10:45PM 2 tangerines, 6 almonds, and 2 oz. of chicken breast. 2 protein, 2 carbs, and 2 fat.

Went a little below my 13 Rx this day, but it just happened to be like that and I felt full, so I didn't want to mess with it.

Life in the paleo-zone the past 2 weeks has been great. I've lost 7 pounds, and have felt much better during lots of my workouts. I'm stoked to be back on track after having slowly been slipping the last couple of months. With that being said, I'm super pumped for the 2 weeks on the zone to be over. 2 weeks without a cheat meal has created a world without with no pie, and full of upper lip hair. I am stoked for tomorrow when I get to switch the two back to their natural balance. Going forward I hope to be in the zone more days than not, but life is for enjoying and want to have my cake AND eat it too.


Rest Day