CFSC_HoppHSPU Andrew increasing range of motion

Exposure to new movements and more advanced tasks can do wonders for your fitness. Learning a new skill can make you better at learning more new skills and mastering those may make you better at things you are already good at. For example, improving your handstand may make you better at the jerk, or doing heavy cleans may help you learn to back flip.


Tonight's food log is from Peter M:

8am - Fage 2% fat greek yogurt (2P,1C,1F) w/ dash of honey (1/2C) ,1/4 cup black berries (1/2C), 1tsp almond butter (1F) = (2B)

11am - 1 hardboiled egg (1P,1F) + 1/2 cup blackberries (1C) = (1B)

12pm - 3 Foster Farms turkey meatballs (3BP,1BC,2BF) + 1Tbs honey bbq teriyaki dressing (1C) + spinach and romaine lettuce (1C) + 1Tbs avocado (1BF) = (3B)

3pm - 1/3rd bar Think Thin white chocolate bar (1BP,1BC,1BF) = (1B)

5pm - 1/4 cup cottage cheese (1BP) + 1/2 cup blueberries (1BC) + 1tsp almond butter (1BF)= (1B)

6pm - Mobo sushi:

2 salmon sashimi (2P) 3 pieces Salmon Baker w/ all but 3Tbs rice removed from all (1P, 1C, 2F) 3 pieces McRandy roll w/ all but 3 Tbs rice removed from all (1P, 1C, 1F) 4oz. saki = (3B)

8pm - 4oz. red wine (1C) and 1oz. lowfat Jarsleberg swiss cheese (1P, 1F) = (1B)



Three rounds for time of:
65 pound Hang power snatch, 30 reps
60 Double-unders
30 Pull-ups