BabyBoyMolloy2 A very Happy Family

Welcome to the world baby boy Molloy! Congratulations to Heather and Hollis on their beautiful son and a successful labor and delivery. We are all so happy to have him join our family.


Day three of the Win Win Win Event food journal comes from Amy:

6:00 am - 2 fried eggs in olive oil (2p + 1f) + 1 slice sourdough toast w/butter (2c + approx. 2f) + coffee with 2 Tbs half n' half (2f) = 2 blocks plus three extra fat.

9:00 am - one container greek yogurt (2p + 2c) + 9 pecans (approx. 3f) = 2 block plus one extra fat.

11:30 am - 3 oz chopped chicken salad with 1/4 c celery, 1 TBsp mayo, season w/garlic, pepper, salt (3p + 1/8c + 3f) + one whole sliced cucumber (1c) + one whole medium orange (2c) = 3 block.

2:00 pm - 1 oz string cheese (1p) + 1/2 apple with peanut butter (1c + approx. 3f) = 1 block  plus two extra fat.

4:30 pm - 1/2 Kind bar (1p + 1c + 1f) = 1 block before 5:30pm WOD.

7:00 pm - 4 1/2 oz grassfed ground beef patty (3p) + 1/2 sliced avocado (approx. 4f) + 2/3c yams (2c) + 1 1/4 c broccoli (1c) = 3 blocks plus four extra fat.

Total = 12 blocks.

Some days I'll eat only 11 blocks and others 13, depending on what I'm eating and how I feel.  I don't really measure the fats, I just approximate them and make sure I get them in there.  The KIND bars (the ones with extra protein) are a healthier and tastier alternative to Zone bars I think if you're looking for something quick - they are just almonds, macadamia nuts, honey and maybe some protein stuff that's proportioned pretty well according to the label (can be found at Trader Joes).