Going Back to College

CFSCRose Rose squatting after her 5k PR.

It is always great when our athletes come home to visit from college. Rose goes to school on the east coast and plays volleyball for the school team. She kept up her CrossFitting while she was away which is a real accomplishment. It was great having you home for a bit and we will be sad to see you go.

Day two of the win win win event:  Food Log Courtesy of Lucas

8:00 AM: onions, mushrooms, and spinach sauteed in a pan with bacon fat (~1c + fat)
+ 2oz steak and 2 eggs (4p + fat in beef and eggs)
+ 1 banana and 12 almonds (3c + 4f) = 4 block breakfast

11:30 AM: Protein shake and with 1.5 cups of milk and a hand full of nuts (4p + 4c + fat) = 4 block snack usually after a workout

1:45 PM: right before work: 1oz beef (1p + fat in beef)
+ 3oz carrots and hand full of cashews(1c + fat) = 1 block snack

3:15 PM: 4oz beef (4p + fat)
+ 12oz sweet potato (4c) + cashews (f) = 4 block "lunch"

5:30 PM: 1/2 cup low fat 2% cottage cheese (2p + fat)
+ 1 apple (2c) = 2 block snack

8:00 PM: 3 oz beef (3p + fat)
+ 6oz Brussels sprouts, 1 bell pepper, 12 asparagus sauteed in bacon fat (3c + fat)
+ more cashews = 3 block dinner

Typical 18 block day. Keep in mind that I do not really measure my fat intake as much as I probably should. I just know that I am able to eat +fat so I tend to just make sure I eat some nuts or something with every meal. Also, I cook my eggs and saute my veggies in bacon fat so I also get fat from that.  My measurements for some of my carbs I based on the nutrition facts on the back of the bags I buy, but my measurements are consistent: it is the same every time.


Deadlift 3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps