It's Time

Jamin with great leg extension

Today we begin our win win win event. Each day for the next 14 days we will pay attention to our macro nutrient balance at each meal. Some of us will eat more blocks per day than others and some will add more fat but we will all be trying to be precise and accurate about what we are eating at each meal.

The plan is simple and now all we have to do is start. Eat your first meal today in the zone. Three to five hours later do it again and so on for 14 days. One step at a time. Eat what you like and balance it out.

We will be holding a getting started class at New Leaf from 11:30-1:30 today to get a hands on tutorial on zoning. We will be here to answer questions and each day we will post a veteran zoners food log.

Here is my food log for day 1:

6:30 1 hard boiled egg (1p+ 1f)
       + 1 clementine (1c) = 1 block

7:30 16oz low fat latte (2p +2c+ 2f = 2 blocks)

11:00 2oz chicken breast (2p) + 1c blueberries (2c) + 6 almonds (2f) = 2 blocks

3:00 3oz chicken breast (3p) + Caesar salad w/Parmesan (2f) + 1 cup fruit salad (2c)
        +1 macaroon cookie (1c +1f) = 3b

7:30 3oz grass fed burger (2p) + 3c steamed broccoli w/ lemon (1c) + 1/3 sweet potato (1c)
       + 2tbs avocado (2f) = 2b

* This is a ten block day at 1x fat

-Coach D



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