Planning and Preparation

Hanna mid workout.

Planning and preparation are important, especially when it comes to eating well.  If you are joining in on our Win Win Win Event, here are some simple ideas to get you started.

Clear your kitchen of any food/snacks that will lead you away from the zone!

Invest in some good Tupperware and/or baggies. 

Choose a "Cook Ahead Day" and prepare, weigh and measure enough food to last a few days.  Having pre-portioned meals and snacks will make staying in the zone much easier.

Grab and Go:  Designate a drawer or shelf in your fridge for pre-measured protein portions and another area for pre-measured carb portions.  Whenever you need a quick snack, for example, you can grab a 2 block protein bag, a 2 block carb bag, a few almonds and you'll feel like zoning couldn't be any easier!


For a more complete understanding of why we are making the food choices that we are making.

Avoiding Metabolic Derangement- Greg Glassman

Glycemic Index-Greg Glassman


Without rest between exercises:
Tabata Squat
Tabata Sit-up
Tabata Push-up
Tabata Pull-up

Post scores to comments. Score for each exercise is the least number of reps completed in 8 intervals. Total score is sum of scores for all 4 exercises. E.G. 22+15+15+9=61