Test & Re-test

DSC03231Before PNF
DSC03233 After PNF

Mobility is our best friend. The more mobile we are the more likely we are to generate force, the more likely we will be able to lift heavy weights, and the more likely we will be more bad ass. When spend time stretching for more range and greater mobility, how do we know it is working? Test then re-test. In the photos above you can clearly see the difference in pre and post stretching. Look closely at the angle of her leg. Did we affect change? Yes. And it only took about 90 seconds. With our Cool Policy this week, see if you can affect change. Need help? Ask your coach or your workout pal.  We should all be well versed at stretching and mobilizing our fellow athletes.
Athlete Achievements
Kyle's First Kipping Pull-up
Workout: "Diane"
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand Push-up