IMG_8976 Thanks Kelly!

The last three weeks our WOD's have been particularly challenging. Some left their mark,like the Push Jerk-Squat, while others just left us gasping for air, remember the 4 x 1300 meters. The toll on the body has been noticeable. One of the biggest takeaways from Saturday was simple.  The body can only buffer so much silly BS before it breaks.  We can mitigate the toll of these workouts with two simple things, a proper warm up and quality cool down. So this weeks programming will be slightly different. We will not be taking it any easier on the WODS but we are going have quality movement prep and adequate time to cool down. Too often when a WOD wipes us out, we forget to properly cool down.  The effects on the body of not cooling down properly are too numerous to mention.  That being said for one week we are implement a new policy.  The Cool Policy.

Cool Policy Rules:
All athletes must spend a minimum of 10 minutes on a proper cool down. 
Cool Policy Penatly:
1. Your name will be written on the board
2. The next time you come to class you will be required to warm up with class.
3. You will not be allowed to do the WOD and will spend that time doing maintence.
Overhead Squat