Taking it Serious

DSC00104A family affair. Husband Grant watches along side Coach D while her sister Anna Mae learns the deadlift.

"Excellence is recognized by everyone". Beautiful movement is not only recognized it is admired. Hannah Halpern and Amy Power both have a kip worthy of admiration. Dave Leys and Pat Barber have naturally effortless squatting ability. The list of athlete prowess goes on put the theory holds true. Everyone knows what 'right' looks like when they see it. What is not so obvious to all is how to fix it when it is not 'right'. Caring is the single most important thing when it come to making improvements. If we care that our knees come in when we squat we are more likely to fix it.

In our newest video 7x7x7 Dave Leys, John Jimenez, and Leif Edmundson battle through a WOD.  Eva T of CFSCC brought this one to us.

7 Rounds for time of:
7 Wall Ball Shots
7 Pull-ups