Ryan and Peter

The productive application of force... What do we mean? Simply put; what can you do with your fitness? Who cares if you look good, don't look good, run a lot, swim a lot, sit on the couch, the question is what can you do? Can you use your fitness in a way that is useful. The overhead squat is a beautiful test of our ability to apply force. Holding an object overhead is useful, but limited. Being able to move while holding an object overhead is entirely different. In the photo above, Peter is proving his productivity.

We believe that CrossFit prepares us for the the unknown and the unknowable. It builds our capacity to attempt new activities with not only physical competence, but mental confidence.


"It wasn't my idea to learn a pull up or muscle up but I'm glad Hollis got me there, 'cause there is something gratifying about the simplicity of being able to do something that you couldn't do before. I guess that's what keeps us coming back." -Olin

What keeps you coming back?


Clean and Jerk, 15 reps

The goal is to go as heavy as possible. The rules are "tap and go," two hands anyhow, from the ground to overhead. The bar may not rest on the ground. Re-gripping the bar must be done off of the ground, either on the shoulders or the hips. There is no time limit.

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Burpee Challenge: 22 burpees today. 253 to buy-in.

Day 25, August 7th, is the last day to buy-in to our Burpee Challenge.