Get Strong

Jason and the deadlift

One area of our fitness that is sometimes scary to work on is our strength. To get strong we must lift heavy. There is no way around it. No amount of 15 pound dumbbell thrusters and 400 meter runs is going to do it. Lifting heavy weights is potentially dangerous and should be treated with respect, but with proper mechanics lifting is relatively safe, and more importantly essential in getting strong.

The mechanics we teach at CFSC are taken from Mark Rippetoe. He is our strength guy. He is a respected coach in our community and many others. CFHQ posted that he recently relinquished his CSCS certification for cause (pdf) He is however continuing his support of CrossFit and is coaching a cert at CFSCC.


Certification or not? What makes a good coach?


Box Squat

In the Box Squat, sit on a 15" box, momentarily relaxing the hip flexors, re-establish peak tension and rise. The use of a box increases the athlete's ability to focus on the muscles of the posterior chain.

Burpee Challenge: 23 burpees today. 276 to buy-in.