Kim stretching out.

Why stretch? The answer is to not only to make us feel better, Tight muscles=sore muscles, but also to increase performance. Mobility of our joints is important for proper movement. Athletes often run into problems due to tight or immobile joints. Tight ankles will prevent any forward inclination of the shin and will impair and athletes ability to squat. If the hamstrings are tight the issues increase. Stretching is crucial for proper articulation of the joints.


1 Week Stretching Challenge: Try to increase your flexibility
Spend 10 quality minutes stretching after each workout.
For extra credit add in 10 minutes either in the morning or just before bed.


Play day.

Try the 1 minute Pull up. Take thirty seconds to reach the top and thirty seconds to lower to full extension.
What about 1 minute squat, back extension, dip...

Burpee Challenge: 21 burpees today. 231 to buy-in.

Day 25, August 7th, is the last day to buy-in to our Burpee Challenge.