'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Ground

Lucas practices handstand push ups with the assistance of

1 mile run for time
Rest as needed
Max Set Pull Ups

This week marks the end of the CFSC ZONE CHALLENGE.
After six weeks we will see who the zone helped and how.
We have witnessed some drastic physical changes, some
amazing performances and inspirational personal records.
It will be interesting to see who has increased their work
capacity across broad time and modal domains. Angel
seems to be wearing less around the gym. Stronger and
leaner Kristy is moving a lot more weight, and Scott is
walking around like a new man. Adrianna found her
intensity and looks to be improving outside of the gym also.
On average our crew is lighter, stronger, and more
importantly, happier, friendlier and more committed than

Stay tuned for the hard numbers, because it really
comes down to, "What's your Fran time?"

Our testing WODs are:
Tuesday: Tabata This
Wednesday: 1 mile Run, Max reps Pull Ups
Thursday: Fran or Helen
Friday: Fight Gone Bad
***We will do body measurements on Friday at the 9am

Results will be posted next week!!

We will be closed Saturday and Sunday for the
CrossFit Games.