Olin and Sean stretching it out on some pull ups.

Workout: "Fran"
95 pound Thruster
Pull Up

These two studs aren't actually brothers, they are however
tight shoulder brethren.Shoulder flexibility is hard earned,
but these two studs are on the journey. Olin came
in with some of the tightest shoulder we have seen, but
now he is on his way to a beautiful overhead squat.
Proving that with a lot of hard work and diligent practice
that anyone who wants one, can have an overhead squat.

The kipping pull ups is one of the tools these gentlemen
are using to open up their shoulders.
CrossFit Santa Cruz will be Closed July 5, and 6th for the
CrossFit Games in Aromas.

There will be one class July 4th at 9:00am