Weekend Fun

Sunday's class was very busy and fun. I think Hollis had three different workouts going at once to accommodate all the people who showed up. At CrossFit, one of our biggest rewards as your Coaches is seeing you make CrossFit a part of the way you live your life by coming in consistently to work hard. Thanks for making us a part of your weekend.

Steve's Club in Camden, NJ is an inspiring CrossFit site that you all should check out. Steve does amazing work, bringing CrossFit into the lives of the young people who make up his Club. He often personally picks many of them up to make sure they get their workout in. As we all know, in CrossFit, the community that is created is as important as the workouts, and Steve has built a strong one with his young students. A few of Steve's athletes are coming out to the CrossFit Games this July, so check out his site to see you how you can help make that happen for them.

5 Rounds:
12 Deadlift (Men use 225 pounds, Ladies use 155 pounds)
12 Ring Dips
400 Meter run