Young and Strong

Chris at the bottom position of the handstand push-up, with his head touching the ground, and Jacob at the highest point, with his arms locked out. These guys are both great athletes and CrossFitters.

Run 800 meters
21 Wall balls
15 Dips
Run 400 meters
18 Wall balls
12 Dips
Run 200 meters
15 Wall balls
9 Dips
Run 100 meters
12 Wall balls
6 Dips

New Favorite Zone Snack: 1 block
1 cup of celery sticks (1/2 block of carb) with 2 tbsp of hummus (1/2 block of carb and 1/2 block of fat) to dip them in.
1 hard boiled egg or 1 oz of cheese on the side (1 block of protein, both of which usually are a high in fat)

I don’t worry about adding another 1/2 block of fat in because eggs and most skim cheese tend to have a little over 1 block of fat.
Make sure you buy a hummus that is low in fat and that you measure it out properly according to the serving size on the label.