Self-Taught Kipper

While hanging out after Sunday's workout, Olin jumped up on the pull-up bars and attempted to kip. Surprisingly, after only a few months of CrossFitting, he almost had one! With a few technical pointers and about five minutes of practice, Olin impressed us all with six consecutive kipping pull-ups that were textbook. I don't think any of us can take credit for teaching him because he really did it on his own. Olin, your gains in strength, flexibility and coordination are amazing! Keep up the good work!

First he gets a good swing going.

Then he brings his knees up during his forward swing.

Next, he follows through with his hips by popping them forward and up.

Lastly, he ends with his chin well over the bar!

Start at 1 pull-up on the first minute and add 1 more pull-up each minute for as long as you can.

So, I just wanted to share (although lots of you saw me do it) that I took a big time Cheat Day on Saturday. It made me feel sick even before I finished and very hung-over the next day, but, I eat all the crazy things I was craving. After three weeks of healthy eating, my body rejected the sugar and extra food that I subjected it to on Saturday and as much as I wanted to enjoy it all, it didn't feel as good as I wanted it to. I've decided that it's probably better to cheat one meal at a time, rather than a whole day at a time! It feels good now to know that when in the Zone, my body is so finely tuned that straying too far from being balanced is not a good experience. Eating bad things will never be as rewarding as it used to be, if I stay in the Zone.

How is everyone else feeling about week four? We are half way there! Zoning should be a way of life now. You all are putting phenomenal work into this. We are truly impressed with how supportive everyone is being of each other and the gains are obvious in those of you who are sticking to it. Let’s get through our six weeks together, stay as strict as you can and you will see results!