Week Three!

Jocelyn pulls herself under the bar in this push jerk...

and sticks the landing before standing the weight up.

50 full range of motion GHD sit-ups (alternate left then right hands touching floor behind you)
Rest 2 minutes
Bottom to bottom Tabata squats
Rest 2 minutes
50 full range of motion GHD sit-ups

Go slow and steady on the GHD sit-ups. This is about technique not speed. On the bottom to bottom squats, the 10 seconds of "rest" is holding in the bottom position of the squat.

In The Zone
Today is the beginning of Week Three of our Zone Competition and everyone seems to still be going strong! When we first started this, we asked that you all try two weeks before you made significant changes to your Zoning. This time frame should have allowed you enough time to decide one of three things.

1. You feel worse then you did before you started in terms of energy, performance and overall wellness.
2. You feel like you have more energy now, you’ve lost a tiny bit of weight, and your body feels overall more healthy, but you're not sure how much of it had to do with zoning.
3. Your workouts are definitely better, you have more energy even when you sleep less, you are less sore each day, and you can feel and see yourself leaning down.

If you identify with the first category, you are either not on enough overall blocks, you need to double or maybe even triple your fats, or you had a hard time following the diet correctly and zoning isn't something you want to do right now. If you fall into the second category, you have a few options. You can give it another two weeks before you make any changes and see if maybe your body was just slow to start showing results of your balanced diet. Or, we can look at your diet and see if maybe you are on too many blocks or you are eating too much of something without realizing it. If you fall into the third category, this is when you look at your quality of life on the Zone and decide if the results you have had are worth the effort for the next four weeks (or beyond). If these results mean being hungrier than you can deal with, consider adding a block or some fats. While you will still see results, you need to understand that it may not happen as quickly, but you certainly won't be as hungry!

These are just general guidelines so please talk to us if you have specific questions and concerns. Let us you how you are feeling, where you want to take it from here, and how we can help. Great job everyone. One more week and we will be half way there!

I think you all are starting to get the hang of planning your own meals and I know that mine always sound the same, so I am going to just post new recipes as I make them up.

How does Friday the 6th work to have our Zone meal together? Scott and Kristy, could you make it by 7pm?

Chicken and Garbanzo Bean Salad: 3 blocks
3 oz of rotisserie chicken cut into small pieces (3 protein blocks)
1/2 an apple chopped up small (1 carb block)
1/2 cup canned garbanzo beans (1 1/2 carb blocks)
A little less than 1/2 tbsp of mayo (3 fat blocks)
Salt, pepper and spicy mustard to taste (no caloric value)
Chopped green onions as a garnish (too small to count)
Piece of toast (1/2 block of toasted bread of choice to eat on the side, or crackers would be good)

Mix all ingredients together for a 3 block lunch that is easy to make ahead of time and pack for lunch.