Best Of Luck

Dear CrossFit Santa Cruz, 
As most of you know, I will be moving down south at the end of this week. I finally decided to let someone else have the glory, as I've been your star athlete for awhile now and it just isn't fair. I mean, why do you think Cary stopped going to the 7 a.m. class? He just couldn't handle my raw talent. 
It's been an amazing (almost) three years and you've been (almost) as great as my real family. Just kidding, you guys are totally better because you don't finish my sweet potatoes and forget to tell me about it (stupid brother). Plus, I received at least four compliments on my orange spandex this morning, so obviously you all have good taste.
In all seriousness, CFSC has been a place I've called home, it has provided me with coaches, mentors, a personal physical therapist (Quan), surrogate parents (aka all of 6 a.m.), teammates, a job (Mr. Krasnigor sincerely thanks you all for that one), and absolutely wonderful friends. 
There truly are no other people I would want to wake up and work out alongside in the freezing cold, spend every morning with, or share triumphs and disappointments with. It has been an absolutely pleasure getting to know you and being a part of your family. 
Thanks for all the good times,
Rest day