Hodge Podge Re-Visit

Darlene at 3 p.m.

Heat times for Sunday's competition can be found here.


Four movements will be performed one at a time, each with a 2-minute time limit and 1 minute to rotate between movements.

Row as far as possible (meters) in 2 minutes.

Freestanding Handstand: hold a freestanding handstand for as many total seconds as possible in 2 minutes. The hands must stay within a 36"x36" box for the time to count and you must stand upright between attempts.

Tire Flip + Med-ball Clean: Accumulate as many reps as you can with a big tire or 100-pound medicine ball in 2 minutes. After each tire flip, the athlete must touch both feet to the ground inside the tire. On each clean, the medicine ball must be thrown over the athlete's shoulder while they are standing with their hips and knees locked out.

Burpee Pull-over: Perform as many burpee pull-overs in 2 minutes. They can choose any pull-up bar to use, as long as it is higher than their max reach while standing.