Consistency is Queen

IMG_4657Shuoa looking good after winning the Consistency Is King Competition.

Today CrossFit announces the 2012 regional workouts. In little less than five weeks, May 18-20, our affiliate team of Matt Bishel, Baily O'regan, Lucas Zepeda, Olivia Cheriton, Hollis Molloy, Allison Costello Tyler Hinz and Karla Ferguson along with individual competetors Jesse Baz, Laurie Galassi and Danielle Edmundson will compete against the rest of the Northern California region for a spot at the CrossFit Games. The competition will be held at the Santa Clara fairgrounds and is guaranteed be an epic event.

The CrossFit games has grown a tremendous amount over the past few years and qualifying to the regional level is a huge accomplishment. We wish all of the competitors a wonderful final push over the next few weeks as they prepare and we hope all of our members come out to support them at regionals.



Rest day


SCHEDULE NOTICE:  There will be NO 10am, Noon or 3pm today

6am,7am,8am and the 5:30pm, 6:30pm will run as normal.