New Skills

CFSC_BuddyFlipSequenceCara and Laurie doing what they love to do: play

It is so easy to forget to have fun in life and in the gym. As much as we are in search of super human fitness we are also in the pursuit of joy. The time we all spend together getting stronger, more agile, faster, better endured can always carry the element of fun. Lighthearted, relaxed, good old fashion fun. And if what you had to do in the gym on a given day was not fun because it was hard or scary then rest assured that the hard work will make it so that maybe one day you too can do a flip.



Pull up
95 pound back squat
95 pound push press
GHD sit up


SCHEDULE NOTICE:  Wednesday the 18th there will be NO 10am, Noon or 3pm.

6am,7am,8am and the 5:30pm, 6:30pm will run as normal.