Thumbs Up

CFSCTylerThumbsUp Tyler shouldering 165 pound stone.

Functional movements done at high intensity with variance has proven to yield a relentless fitness. A fitness that continues to improve the capacity of everyone it meets. One of the most unique elements of the CrossFit movement is awarding points. CrossFit is the first fitness program to give points and scores and therefore the element of competition. It has helped both CrossFit and the athletes who do CrossFit improve. This month we will begin year six of the annual CrossFit competition called the Games. It begins Feb 22nd with the world wide open. CrossFitters all over the world will do the same workout once a week for five weeks. It is a community fitness event like no other. We encourage any and all of our members who are interested to sign up and try out competing in CrossFit. It really has the potential to bring out the best in everyone. Each week for 5 weeks we will come to the gym and complete the same workout as all the other people in the world who also signed up. The competition is safe, simple, and fun and even if you don't sign up you are likely to do the workout anyway, so sign up.



Rest Day


If you have ever done a CrossFit competition post your experiences to comments to encourage your fellow athletes to join in.