Coach Kristy

Kristy2012Kristy Amory

I am excited to join the CrossFit Santa Cruz coaching team!  I first found CrossFit over three years ago and tried following the main site WOD with little success at a typical gym.  There, oftentimes I had to modify the workouts due to missing equipment and the inability to monopolize the little equipment the gym had. There was definitely something lacking from my exercise experience.  

After I got the nerve to travel down to CrossFit Santa Cruz, everything changed.  One on ones with Hollis showed me just how little I knew of technique and form to perform the movements.  I couldn't even lift the Rx women's bar!  Hollis and his other clients made me feel like the gym was my second home.  I realized that everyone is just as nervous about the WODs and that everyone is still learning, still scaling to find their personal intensity.  CrossFit has challenged me by working my strengths and weaknesses indiscriminately to get me towards my personal fitness goals.  It is the highlight of my day to join in and sweat alongside like-minded people who care about their health so devotedly.  CrossFit is functional fitness not only in the movements, but also in providing that sense of community and personal accomplishment that is functional to our well-being.

In addition to training adults, I am entwining my love of CrossFit with my passion for teaching through CrossFit Kids.  After four years teaching English and creating grade school to high school learning center curriculum, I decided to take my knowledge and experience and put it towards a CrossFit Kids program.  I felt that teaching kids only English skills was missing part of the larger picture: that children's health and fitness should go hand in hand with their cognitive development.  Through CrossFit Kids, I can help kids enjoy exercise and think of physical activity as fun.