Coach Amy

AmyAmy Power

Back in 2006, Coach Hollis Molloy asked me to try out CrossFit for one month. I was already very active on my own, pursuing activities in a jack-of-all-trades fashion (biking, running, surfing, hiking, tennis,etc.) and so was not really convinced that I needed to add another exercise regime to my schedule. YetI agreed to let Hollis train me for one month because: 1. I’ll typically try anything at least once and 2. I thought, “How hard can it be?”
By the end of my trial month I had quickly fallen in love with the challenges, the camaraderie, and the euphoria of accomplishing tasks I had never before thought possible – all things that I now know are integral parts of CrossFit. As for how hard it could be…well, of course it’s hard, but hard in the way that any test of one’s physical and mental abilities can be. And there is no better environment in which to test yourself: the support and attention of the coaches and fellow athletes is beyond anything I’ve experienced anywhere else.
I became CrossFit Level 1 trainer in 2010 and began coaching at CrossFit Santa Cruzin July 2011. I continuously seek out new knowledge, either by attending specialized seminars or by hounding our very own excellent coaches and experienced athletes with questions. I am also committed to and enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge with clients.
The level of depth, idea exchange, and support in the CrossFit program ensures that the workouts, the coaching, and the community will never get dull. And as for me as a coach, I am stoked that I am able to witness people transform their lives a little bit every day.