The "Consistency is King" Competition

Rules And Details

Date: February 1st  2012 through March  21st 2012.

Sign Ups: At the Gym by February 1st

Description:  The objective of this pool is to further increase each athletes work capacity across broad time and modal domains through a competition that rewards athletes for being consistent with their nutrition and their workouts. Each entrant must sign up, submit $10 cash into the container at gym, and complete the 4 “Test WOD’s" by February 8th. During the week of March 19th-25th the same 4 Test WOD’s will be given to evaluate relative improvement. Each athlete must submit a report each day through the CrossFit Santa Cruz site that summarizes their workout, meals and mobility in order to gain points. Six weeks later, athletes will be judged on three separately scored categories; Nutrition, Consistency and Performance.

Scoring:  The overall winners for the pool will be determined by the athletes with the most number of points at the end of the challenge.

Points Categories

Nutrition:  2 points per day possible (100 possible points total)
    2 points for Zone/Real food
    1 point for Zone
    1 point for Real food
     0 points if you cheat at any point of the day you get 0 points

Consistency: 2 points per day possible (100 possible points total)
    2 points for Class attendance              
    1 point for mobilizing on a Rest day
    1 point for additional mobilizing (1 point max per workout cycle)
    0 points for not working out or not mobilizing if it is a rest day

Performance: (100 possible points total)
    25 points possible per Test WOD based on percentage of improvement.
    e.g. 25 points for most improved, 24 for second most improved, etc.

Cost and Prizes:  The cost to enter the pool shall be $10 for each athlete, the sum of which shall then make up the “Cash Pool”.   Once all scoring has been completed, the “Cash Pool” will divided as follows:

            1st Place = 50%             2nd Place = 30%             3rd Place = 20%

Good luck to all, and may the most consistent win!