Partner Warm Up

Noon getting warm.

A proper warm up can make or break your workout. It is important to raise the body temperature and even to break a sweat. It is necessary to take your joints through full rage of motion and take your muscles to their end ranges. It is good to drill mechanics and think about strategy. CrossFit workouts are involved in their demand both physically an neurologically. Every part of you needs to be prepared.


Seven rounds for time of:
45 pound dumbell Thruster, 7 reps
7 chest to bar pull ups


This week is your last opportunity to sign up and join our very own Laurie Galassi this Saturday August 13th for one of her Hand Stand clinics. The sessions will last 75 minutes each and will break down the handstand and incorporate plenty of whole body activitie.

11:00-12:15 Beginning handstands-- handstands against a wall, in free space, walking and some handstand push-upping-- a good place to get started with handstands-- no prior experience needed.  

12:30-1:45 All things handstand.  Ideally people in this group are comfortable kicking up to a handstand in free space already, and are fairly comfortable on their hands.  The second group would cover handstand walking, push-ups, parallette handstands, pirouetting, and more depending on the athletes.

Each clinic will cost $20 and anyone wanting to participate must sign up in advance HERE. The clinic will be limited to 10 participants.

-We will running a regular 8:00 and 10:00 am classes