Game On

Leif getting some.

Regional competition starts today.  The heat times are below:

Team Workout #1 at 11:50am
Coach D and Laurie Workout #1 at 1:30pm
Dave Leys Workout #1 at 2:20
Jesse Baz Workout #1 at 2:40
Team Workout #2  at 3:20
Coach D and Laurie Workout #2 at 3:50
Team Workout #2 at 4:50
Dave and Jesse workout #2 at 5:20



We will be closed this weekend for the CrossFit Games Nor Cal Regional Competition for more information go to the NorCal Regional Facebook Page it is loaded with information and they are very good about answering questions.

Gilly and Chris Cobb are organizing food and shelter for the weekend for both athletes and spectators, if you would like to help them by donating money, tarps, or chairs please leave them at the gym or contact them via facebook. We are looking forward to a great weekend.