CFSC_CobbFloorChris the party planner Cobb

Today I was overcome with joy as I witnessed the 6 a.m. class applaud each other and cheer each other on during Tabata squats. I later watched my other classes complete the workout of the day as collective groups of people working hard individually. Each athlete pushed their limits, working hard to better themselves physically and mentally. I was reminded of all the things I love about CrossFit; the community, the camaraderie, the challenge, and the triumph.

This weekend our gym has earned the opportunity to participate in the fifth annual CrossFit games at the regional championship level. It is sure to be exiting and fun, and in the grand scheme of things not all that different than the hundred or so people who did Tabata Something Else today. We will be putting ourselves out there with a bunch of people who are also putting themselves out there trying to get more fit.



Three rounds for time of

30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
30 Burpees
60 Double unders



We will be closed this weekend for the CrossFit Games Nor Cal Regional Competition for more information go to the NorCal Regional Facebook Page it is loaded with information and they are very good about answering questions.

Gilly and Chris Cobb are organizing food and shelter for the weekend for both athletes and spectators, if you would like to help them by donating money, tarps, or chairs please leave them at the gym or contact them via facebook. We are looking forward to a great weekend.