Enjoy It

IMG_8903Eric on a sunny day.

It is easy to get greedy.  Wanting more and expecting progress are a trade mark of the CrossFit athlete.  Once we get one pull-up we want 20.  Remember progress is nice and the aims are to continually get better, but let's enjoy what we got.  If you just got your first pull-up don't worry about getting 20, enjoy and celebrate that you got one.  More will come and you deserve the credit for all the hard work you have put it already.  Enjoy what you have created!


4 rounds for total reps:

Row 45 seconds
Rest 15 seconds
Wall Ball, 30 seconds
Box Jump, 30 seconds
Ball Slam, 30 seconds
Double Under, 30 seconds
Power Clean, 30 seconds
Push-Ups, 30 seconds