Ties That Bind

CFSCCobbShoulders Cobb with great shoulder position.

We would not be doing what we do if it were not for the efforts and genius of Greg Glassman. Here is a video of him speaking to a group of affiliate owners about the CrossFit games and other good stuff, like Thrusters.  It is the efforts we put in to our workouts that bind us together.  Yes we aim for elite fitness and admire the fittest among us, but it is the shared suffering and shared successes that make us what we are.  We find our commonalities by doing.  As Coach talk about in the linked video, we all get stuck at the bottom of the Thruster.

This years CrossFit games season will begin with Open Sectionals starting March 15th, roughly six weeks form now, great incentive to keep eating well, working hard, sleeping a lot, and having fun.


Tonight's food log belongs to Gilly:

6am: 2 eggs... and 1/2 grapefruit with a little sugar 2B

7:30am Latte 2B

10:30am 1 bonbel cheese and some apple sauce 1B

1:30pm: bbq chicken salad 4B

4:30pm: 1 bonbel cheese and some apple sauce 1B

9pm: ground turkey patties with onions and some oats in them plus a ton of brocolli. Used some ketchup on my patties to round out 4B



Rest day